Enjoy effortless engagement with our powerful cloud-based video solution. Introducing NxtGen VCEverywhere, your conference room in the cloud, powered by the award-winning Avaya Scopia® Video. For teams that want the engagement and productivity of face-to-face meetings, no matter where they are, NxtGen VCEverywhere makes it easy for everyone to connect, collaborate and work together.

NxtGen VCEverywhere


Easy, Self-Service Cloud Delivery

Connecting with partners, customers and colleagues from other organizations is a breeze with self-service access to video collaboration. NxtGen VCEverywhere eliminates the complexity, time and capital investment associated with deploying and supporting on-premise video collaboration.

Make your organization’s video solution fast, easy to use and cost-effective with a cloud-delivered application.

Enjoy effective and secure connectivity – on any desktop, mobile and HD video room system.



  • Virtual meeting room that supports multiple participants
  • Connect with telephone, PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or video conferencing room system
  • 1080p HD Video, crystal clear wideband audio, data and content sharing
  • Join via an Outlook calendar invite, a web link, or a virtual room ID


  • Easy, self-service cloud delivery for team engagement
  • Enables businesses to focus on core competency
  • Saves money, time and resources
  • Universal, secure connectivity - desktop, mobile, HD video room systems
  • Extends video connectivity to your mobile workforce


With NxtGen VCEverywhere, you can set up your own virtual conference room, right from your iPhone, iPad or Android device and connect with associates face-to-face to collaborate, review presentations or discuss important documents. With our cloud-based technology, video conferencing has never been so mobile and so easy.


NxtGen VCEverywhere eliminates the technical hassles of deploying video collaboration. Simply subscribe to the service and connect using your mobile device, desktop or video conferencing room system and easily add additional users as your requirements grow. Avaya does all the heavy lifting, allowing your team to concentrate on maximizing productivity with HD video collaboration. With no hardware to purchase or upgrade, it's the quickest, most efficient way to experience the latest in video engagement.


How It Works

NxtGen VCEverywhere is cloud based and powered by the Avaya Scopia® video collaboration platform over the Internet. Users connect to a virtual meeting room with the systems and devices they use every day. Advanced audio and video processing delivers each participant a bandwidth-efficient data stream enabling everyone to see all meeting participants simultaneously, while leaders have full meeting control.

More Than Just Video

With NxtGen VCEverywhere, you can view and share presentations, spreadsheets, documents and images in real time, just like a face-to-face meeting. Those joining late can even review the slides they missed without interrupting the rest of the group.

NxtGen VCEverywhere