ANxtGen ECS beats Amazon AWS, IBM SoftLayer & Microsoft Azure in price performance

Cloud resources are not standardized; therefore, the underlying hardware and architecture heavily impacts the performance of a virtual machine found on the public cloud. Often, the topic of performance is not considered until the newly migrated infrastructure causes problems, and the business must operate reactively rather than proactively.

About this report - Cloud Spectator an independent analyst firm focuses cloud performance on the areas of performance and cost analytics of the cloud IaaS marketplace. This report compares the cost and performance of four different public cloud offerings: Amazon WebServices (AWS), IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure and NxtGen ECS. Cost is examined and performance is later applied to illustrate the noticeable difference between price and price-performance value.

Cloud Spectator benchmarked the price performance of NxtGen's Enterprise Cloud Services with that of Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM SoftLayer and Microsoft Azure evaluating the raw performance and price-indexed performance for two common workloads, web servers and databases. The study examined the relative performance of major VM components including CPU Performance, disk IOPS, memory bandwidth, and internal network throughput that impact application performance and end-user experience.

Report reveals that NxtGen beats the other key cloud service providers, exhibiting highest storage and internal network performance for the majority of tests, displaying particularly strong price performance and providing the most value across the two vital use cases:

  • Clustered database
  • High Traffic web servers

Key Findings:

  • NxtGen ECS demonstrated the lowest overall cost of infrastructure. The cost of infrastructure was calculated by taking monthly prices on all VMs assuming full utilization (730 hours) and applying all qualified discounts.
  • NxtGen ECS also demonstrated the highest performance. Performance is defined by component performance (vCPU, memory, disk, and internal network) grouped into categories of Web Server and Database.
  • NxtGen ECS ranked top in price-performance value due to the combination of lowest overall cost and high performance.


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