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NxtGen / April 2022

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Sovereign Cloud is built to serve industry-specific customers that host regulated workloads. Sovereign cloud includes embedded cloud security services, data protection and availability services, compliance services, physical security controls, security clearances for operators, additional network segmentation and restricted and regulated network access. Sovereign cloud also provides data sovereignty where all customer data, metadata, and escalation data reside on sovereign soil.

NxtGen has been offering its sovereign cloud services for four years to customers in government (State, Center and PSU), banking, financial services, insurance, and healthcare industries. NxtGen has established a sovereign cloud setup for its government customers, ensuring that compliances are adhered to, as outlined by the Ministry of Electronics and IT, CERT-In and similar agencies.

VMware Sovereign Cloud Provides Agility and Security

NxtGen sees the sovereign cloud as a vital part of its overall business strategy. Approx. 60% of NxtGen’s business is based on its government sovereign cloud offering, and four data centres in India include the sovereign cloud offering. NxtGen has deployed a software-defined approach in its sovereign cloud setup. Customers can provision and monitor cloud resources from a dashboard that allows them to go-to-market quickly.

Customers want the agility and innovation of the cloud, but they also want end-to-end data security, data lifecycle management and workload portability. By partnering with VMware, NxtGen can deliver a sovereign cloud that offers ease-of-cloud manageability, portability, and sector-specific compliance. With the ever-evolving industry, sector-specific compliances, and the need for organizations to keep pace with and transform with agility, a sovereign cloud built to serve the customer’s purpose would enable them to lead in their domain and be compliant with the overall guidelines of the sector.

Customers derive multiple benefits from NxtGen’s sovereign cloud – compliances as per industry/ sector requirement, no software or hardware or license (Operating System, Database etc.) ownership, and timely upgrades to the underlying platform to mitigate vulnerabilities.

NxtGen offers Desktop-as-a-Service and dedicated virtual desktop infrastructure based on VMware Horizon. The company also provides DevOps (App modernization and Tanzu) and security services via VMware to its sovereign cloud customers. As industry and government focus on data and security compliance, the demand for sovereign cloud deployments will increase. And NxtGen expects that its partnership with VMware will correspondingly grow with industry demand.

“Today end-users and businesses want to know where their data is stored and which entities have access to it. Data sovereignty ensures that the data collected is subject to the governance of the nation it is collected from and has become an integral part of national policy, essentially the contract between state and citizen, protection in return for law acceptance. Sovereign cloud providers are committed to ensuring data privacy and compliance, helping customers get the benefits of the cloud whilst also meeting the rapidly evolving data privacy laws. At NxtGen, we are confident that being a part of the VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative, we can accelerate the delivery of IT infrastructure, allowing security and control, and prompt responses to growing customer interest in protecting the interests of the nation. With our growing number of data centres, complimented by an edge cloud across the country and digital services, we are committed to supporting India’s growing needs for data consumption, coupled with compliance to the law of the land. We look forward to continuing to strengthen NxtGen’s vision and partnership with VMware

Sovereign Cloud Blog

and make the sovereign cloud initiate a grand success.“ A S Rajgopal, CEO & MD, NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies

NxtGen recognized early on that it was essential to partner with a leading, innovative technology company to provide effective cloud services to end customers. VMware’s industry-wide recognition for innovative products and solutions inspired NxtGen to join the VMware Partner Connect Program. This brand recognition has been essential for NxtGen to sell its “Datacenter and Cloud Technologies”. In addition, they work with customers in their journey into the world of hyper-converged hybrid computing infrastructure.

As part of the VMware Partner Connect Program, NxtGen has offered customers cloud features on a Software-as-a-Service model. This subscription approach gives customers timely updates and upgrades, while NxtGen owns the end-to-end cloud service delivery.

The partnership has been the foundation for NxtGen making its “Infinite Data Center” solution and cloud services commercially lucrative. Customers can consume cloud services either from the NxtGen public cloud or on a dedicated VMware-powered cloud hosted within their premises or in NxtGen data centres. In addition, customers running VMware on multi-cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP) have the option to seamlessly migrate to NxtGen VMware cloud or subscribe to Disaster Recovery services with minimal effort.

About NxtGen

NxtGen Datacenter and Cloud Technologies enable enterprises to implement a private cloud on-premises and then utilize a wide range of datacenter services to create a hybrid environment that matches each workload with the right cloud. As a result, it’s a solution that is relied on by companies of all kinds in numerous industries.

It’s also an offering that ideally prepared the company to deploy its NxtGen Sovereign Cloud, a service that provides government agencies in India, their partners, and companies in highly regulated industries with a turnkey cloud solution that complies with India’s most demanding data sovereignty and data security requirements

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