Build a Digital Enterprise

Without owning IT infrastructure

Infinite Datacenter

NxtGen works with customers in their journey into the hyper-converged hybrid compute infrastructure – Infinite Datacenter, building a digital enterprise without owning IT infrastructure. Our approach considers customer’s existing investments in IT infrastructure, specific requirements such as compliance and enabling elasticity (grow & shrink) in IT infrastructure in sync with dynamic business requirements.

NxtGen provides infrastructure as a service from it’s own datacenters and/or on customer premises, allowing customers to plug their existing infrastructure. The infrastructure is managed centrally from Bangalore & Mumbai facilities. Customers leverage NxtGen’s model to create additional capacities for new or existing applications, create DR and in the long-run leverage the model to focus only on applications and depend on NxtGen to deliver expected performance and availability at the infrastructure layer.

Building Infinite Datacenter

NxtGen’s Infinite Datacenter is a state where customers have
Elastic infrastructure available on demand
Pay-Per-Use resources
Freed IT budgets to invest in new application roll outs.