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Financial Services Company deploys NxtGen’s On Premise Data Center for DR

A financial services company providing transactions processing, reporting, customer service and MIS services was planning for a DR site that was required to be made operational within 3 months. The customer was looking for a robust data center designed to have very high uptimes (>99.98%), which at the same time should be optimized for space, power and time to build.

NxtGen’s primary endeavor is take out the complexity in managing data center infrastructure, bring high level of efficiency, be it in cooling, or the way power and IT is managed. A 24/7 central command center proactively monitors and provides predictive management of system failures there by maintaining the committed SLA.

The OPDC™ does not require any false flooring and thereby providing customer with a huge cost saving since the standard flooring was used, the OPDC™ requires very less space and provides ample room for future growth.

Financial Services consultancy delivered through NxtGen’s Enterprise Cloud Services

Financial services consultants are often required to keep their cost of operations lean due to the competitive nature of their industry and at the same time they are required to be close to their customers. While IT definitely offers them a competitive advantage the cost of deploying them can be prohibitively high.

Enterprise Cloud Services™ from NxtGen offers cost effective Infrastructure as a Service platform that drastically reduces time to market and while delivering consistent customer experience. Enterprise Cloud Services™ offers a scalable IT infrastructure that can expand to accommodate additional workloads towards month ends.

By adopting NxtGen’s Enterprise Cloud Services™ financial services consultants are benefited by their ability to reach out to more customers online, lower costs of infrastructure, elasticity of resources, pay by use and lower capital expenditure and operational costs.