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Enterprise Cloud Services™

With the global business scenario becoming increasingly volatile, enterprises are vary of making heavy capital expenditure on IT infrastructure. If the IT projects do not take off as expected, enterprises will be left with expensive IT infrastructure without making complete use of them. On the other hand if they need to commission infrastructure in short notice, they will not have enough time to evaluate all the alternatives and may end up spending more than required. Hence enterprises are looking at ways to scale their IT infrastructure up or down in short notice based on the business needs.

Apart from the hardware infrastructure, enterprises often end up spending huge sums on procuring expensive software with perpetual licenses. They will end up being locked-in and incur expenses to upgrade to newer and better software when they are available. Thus enterprises also are in need of latest software available on a pay-per-use model. NxtGen offers Enterprise Cloud Services to address these exact needs of enterprises. NxtGen Enterprise Cloud Services enables seamless growth for companies by avoiding IT infrastructure lock-in. NxtGen ECS lets enterprises get their applications up and running without having to lose time in procuring hardware and investing in CAPEX.

Salient Features of NxtGen ECS
  • On-demand, scalable, pay-per-use cloud services delivered on-premise
  • Replicate current enterprise architecture, connects enterprise private networks and existing hardware
  • Pay-per-use model that is 40% lower than public cloud services, over 80% savings over physical server configurations
  • On demand scalability- The infrastructure can grow or shrink based on business demand, allowing IT teams to match their costs to business outcomes
  • Performance surpassing standard physical server configurations, using Intel’s latest processors and SSD Storage. Unlike public cloud services, the performance is predictable and guaranteed
  • Unified Threat Management appliances and analysers scan all traffic for potential threats and protects at the entry into the network
  • Customisable security options, provide greater flexibility for an enterprise to setup firewall preferences of choice
  • Enterprise-class availability – true redundancy across the network – high–performance routing, security appliances, load-balancers and high-speed switching

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