Hadoop File Formats, when and what to use?

Hadoop is gaining traction and on a higher adaption curve to liberate the data from the clutches of the applications and native formats. This article helps us look at the file formats supported by Hadoop ( read, HDFS) file system. A quick broad categorizations of file formats would be

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By Rajesh Dangi / June 23, 2017

RANSOMWARE: What it is and how to deal with it

Almost every day we hear about cases of ‘Ransomware’ affecting running servers – an act we call digital terrorism. Let’s get a quick understanding of this risk and the preventive measures to mitigate it. Crypto-ransomware gains access to a target server and encrypts all the files on that server. It scrambles the contents of the file so that you can’t access them without a particular decryption key that can correctly unscramble it. This makes the users or the administrators of the server helpless, and there are no known tools that can detect the hashing algorithms and then decrypt them. A ransom is thus demanded in exchange for the decryption key.

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By Rajesh Dangi / March 28, 2017

Focus on the Fourth ‘V’ of the Big Data for EDH enablement!

Big data as defined in the Wikipedia, Big data is a term for large or complex data sets that are a constantly moving targets for the traditional strategies, tools for processing and managing them via traditional data processing applications which are inadequate to deal with them. Challenges include analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy.

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By Rajesh Dangi / March 3, 2017