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When you're operating a modern business, consistent service and data security is key. Access to a reliable backup service is an essential part of managing business operations, avoiding data loss, and ensuring business integrity and reputation management. Regardless of your size or industry, it's important to back up critical data and services on a regular basis, and develop a full business continuity plan in the case of disaster.

For every business, unwanted events and accidents can and do happen. Whether it's due to a natural disaster, external security threat, or internal user error, data can and does get lost all the time. Data compromise or loss is a serious issue, thus requiring dedicated measures to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity. Data backup is increasingly available as a service, with ongoing protection mechanisms available across networks and tightly integrated with surrounding business activity.

If you demand the best in data protection, BACKUP2CLOUDTM offers easy access, enhanced security, and simple recovery without compromise.


A backup service involves specific measures to save critical data in the case of unwanted events and accidents. Depending on your current digital stance, data can be stored on-site, off-site, or in a remote cloud location. Backup of critical servers and application data is a vital element in the success or failure of your business. When a backup service is performed regularly and integrated with everyday business operations, business continuity can be ensured at all times.


Business continuity is dedicated to the ongoing availability of business data, processes, assets, and human resources. A full business continuity service promotes the ongoing integrity and availability of business data and services across locations and use case scenarios. Data backup is an essential part of business continuity, with the data you rely on every day likely to define the way you operate in the modern world. Backup2CloudTM is the first step in every robust business continuity plan.


Backup2CloudTM is an online backup service also known as remote backup or cloud backup. This form of data backup is a method of off-site data storage that combines the benefits of remote security protocols with easy management and always-on data availability. Instead of limiting data backup to on-premises solutions, Backup2CloudTM connects business systems to remote cloud servers managed by an external provider. With multiple levels of redundancy, Backup2CloudTM solutions are easier to manage, immune from location-based threats, and more affordable than traditional backup solutions.

Key Differentiators

  • VM Snapshot Backup as a service

    The Freedom to choose your data backup: either as a full data or VM ware snapshot backup

  • Data Backup Using Backup Tools

    Leverage any mix of public, private, or hybrid cloud delivery models, to meet your unique business needs


NxtGen is a leading Backup2CloudTM provider for forward-thinking businesses. We combine advanced infrastructure and technology solutions with experienced people and innovative product options. Without a professional backup solution, you risk data loss, business downtime, compliance issues, and reputation damage. NxtGen Backup2CloudTMis a crucial part of our business continuity solutions, which also includes disaster recovery, data protection, and managed security services.

The NxtGen advantage is based on flexibility, customisation, and excellence, with all products and services tailored to your specific business needs.

  • Flexibility - The freedom to choose your own data backup solutions, including full remote backup and virtual machine (VM) services.
  • Customisation - Leverage any mix of public, private, or hybrid cloud delivery models to meet your unique business needs.
  • Excellence - Depend on our trusted Backup2CloudTM experts to protect your data assets and ensure business continuity.

LET’S TALK At NxtGen, we combine multiple data security and business continuity solutions in one integrated package. For reliable and innovative Backup2CloudTM solutions without compromise, please contact NxtGen for the data security you deserve.

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