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Enabling an always-on enterprise

Managing business operations in today’s complex business scenario can be difficult in the event of a breakdown. Your IT infrastructure could be at risk if you do not have a robust backup mechanism in place. Backup of critical servers and application data is an important element in enterprise IT and can determine the success of a business. Hence it is essential for enterprises to backup essential data on a timely basis, which can be restored as and when required to ensure business continuity.

Gone are the days when backing up enterprise data used to be tedious and expensive. With NxtGen Backup-as-a-Service, you can opt for incremental backup only, or fortnightly full backup, with up to 28 days’ retention of the backed up data! What’s more, you benefit from features like end-to-end data security backups with AES-256 data encryption in transit. Besides, you can leverage any mix of public, private, or hybrid cloud delivery models to meet your unique business requirements. You also can get access to centralized views of different backups being made and search for the data that you are looking for at any given point of time.

Key Differentiators

  • VM Snapshot Backup as a service

    The Freedom to choose your data backup: either as a full data or VM ware snapshot backup

  • Data Backup Using Backup Tools

    Leverage any mix of public, private, or hybrid cloud delivery models, to meet your unique business needs

There are two versions of our backup-as-a-service that you can avail of:

  • Virtual Machine Snapshot backup (using NxtGen native cloud platform NG3): The NG3 platform supports normal and incremental backup for virtual machines. The former aids in making a full copy of the target VM and archiving the same. The latter uses an advanced methodology of taking backups, involving dedicated backup servers on your enterprise cloud network.
  • Data backup using backup tools: This backup option is promising as we leverage the features of advanced backup tools, such as faster data movement and reduced back-up window across multiple servers and platforms.

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