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The ECS Testing Track

The Test and Development (T&D) platform is NxtGen’s solution to allow enterprises and individuals to meet their development and testing requirements in a secure and low cost environment. You have the idea and we give you the platform!!

T&D gives you the power of :

Allow for your business to expand seamlessly with minimal  infrastructure expenditure. 


Optimise resource use and reduce costs.


Enjoy hassle free usage with our pay-per-use scheme that is a fractional cost of public cloud services.

Global Access

Wherever you are, T&D goes with you. Give your enterprise or your project team the power to stay in sync with your product.

What makes us different from the rest?

Comparison of T&D and ECS

Requirement T&D ECS
Type of Environment Development – for individual developers or small teams.
Integration – A common environment where all developers commit code changes.
Staging – as identical to the production environment as possible.
Production – Actual Production environment.
Type of Testing Unit testing, Integration testing, Functional testing, System testing
Acceptance testing, Load/Stress testing, Performance testing.
Production level performance
RAID Protected
24X7 Customer Infrastructure Management
Customer alert on utilization (managed service)
Vulnerability Assessment (Available on demand)